MICHELIN Presents - Caring Kids!

What else did these adorable kids say about car safety? :O #SafeWithMICHELIN

“The car won’t move and then it will be stuck… forever!”

We asked some kids a few questions about car safety, and we must say, they sure know how to say the darndest things. Check out the video and hear what they have to say. Some of them might just surprise you! ;)



It depends equally on your choice of tyres.

For your peace of mind and your family's, take time to choose well!

Your safety does not just depend on the way you or others are driving.


But how do i choose the right tyre?

To help you compare and choose, look at 4 different aspects.


Most tyres perform well in everyday situations, but difficult conditions will reveal their differences.

So how do you make sure that your tyres are ready for the unexpected?

Choose tyres that can perform well in the worst types of weather or roads that you may encounter.
And the difference can be huge:
On wet roads, our tyres can stop up to 6 meters shorter than another premium tyre brand on the exact same car.That is almost the distance of 1 and a half cars!

Based on internal wet braking test results of MICHELIN Primacy 3ST and Bridgestone Ecopia EP100a Touring tyre size 205/55R16.

Not all tyres are equal – choosing the right ones can keep you safe.


Making a compromise now could mean spending more later. Why? Because tyres that last longer and help you to save fuel allow you to save in the long run.

Get more efficient tyres now, replace them much later! (And forget about shopping for tyres for a while)


Like a shoe, a tyre needs to fit you perfectly.

Take any car, try a different set of tyres!

You end up with an entirely different driving experience.

So, do you like a comfortable drive or precision handling to take that corner like a pro?

Make sure that your tyre reflects your style


A sprinter doesn't want to run in slippers.

Neither does your car.

A sport or luxury car won’t feel like one unless the tyres can translate its power to the road.


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